Logzilla: to control in real time many log

Logzilla is a software with a WEB GUI with some portlets to control in real time our log based on SYSLOG-NG. Indeed by sphinx, LogZilla has a search engine to find pattern in log. MySQL for example is a possible back-end to configure inside SYSLOG-NG. I have found this software very stable.


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The novel “Demons” by Dostoievsky

In this months, I have read the wonderful novel “Demons”. I recommend this book everyone, because is a great history, set in Russia with great characters and beautifully written from russian writer. It’s one of the five books essential to read.

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Nagios a good monitoring software open source

I have discovered Nagios last year. Now I’am utilizing nagios now as Software of Monitoring and Fault Management. It’s stable, simple to utilize and extensible.Many developer have created software as livestatus, NagVis and Automap. Support snmp get, ldap queries and http/https requests. You can describe hosts, service and dependencies among these. Nagios sends mail if discovered some problems and reveals the big problem based on hosts and services description (e.g. parent relationship among hosts). Has a OO organization with Class,Object,Attributes and relationship among classes. Try to install and use Nagios.

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